Better Services for The People

Public Policy Lab board member Sylvia Harris and executive director Chelsea Mauldin have an article in the new issue of Touchpoint, the international journal of the Service Design Network.

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This issue, vol. 3 #1, is devoted to the topic Learning, Changing, Growing. It looks at how service design contributes to business growth and explores the processes of educating and learning. Sylvia and Chelsea’s piece describes how designers have an opportunity to foster change, both within civic agencies and in society at large, by increasing awareness of the power of design to build public services that work.

As much as we might prefer to focus purely on a design solution, we have had better outcomes by assessing the back-end systems and the forces that influence the design environment, while trying to respect their motivation: those barriers are often put in place to safeguard public resources. To be successful, the designer must become the architect of a context-appropriate change process, not just the creator of an excellent product or service.

Download the complete text of the article, Better Services for the People [pdf]. And check out the plans for the Service Design Network’s next global conference, “From Sketchbook to Spreadsheet,” planned for October 20-21 in San Francisco.