Guns, Butter and Ballots

Communication Arts, January/February 2005

Written by John Emerson

Where They Are Now

Yale Alumni Magazine, November/December 2004

Written by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

It's the Design, Stupid

I.D. Magazine, June 2003

Written by Jenny Sullivan

Sense and Census

Critique Magazine, Summer 2003

Written by Chris Pullman

The American Voting Experience

SEGDdesign, 2003

Written by Nora Richter Greer

Profiled in I.D. Magazine

I.D. Magazine, January/February 1996

Written by Maud Lavin

Profiled in Design Week

Design Week, June 1994

Designing America

I.D. Magazine, March/April 1993

Written by Chee Pearlman