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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
The Public Design Lab

In the past, Medicare saturated its enormous customer base of over 40 million Americans with an array of complex mailings on an annual basis. To better understand its information and correspondence flow, the agency embarked on a comprehensive communications audit. CitizenR&D analyzed the effectiveness of typical communiqu├ęs across various media channels such as print, web, and call center scripts. The team conducted workshops with Medicare staff to explore policy and design options. The final report outlined policy and guidelines for a more user-centered approach to beneficiary communications that ultimately improves the dialogue between Medicare and patients.

Team conducted field studies to see communications through the eyes of recipients.

Team studied the complex decisions that beneficiaries have to make when joining Medicare.

Team conducted workshops with staff to uncover ways to motivate them and make communications more accessible.

Team produced guidelines to help staff communicate complex healthcare choices more effectively.