Taxi: Roads Forward
Design, Civic
Taxi and Limousine Commission
Rachel Abrams, Adam Millard-Ball, Eric Rothman, Anisha Sawhney, Rachel Weinberger, Chelsea Mauldin, MGMT Design

Taking a cab in New York City used to be a frustrating experience for even veteran riders. The Taxi and Limousine Commission, working in tandem with the Design Trust for Public Space, sought to improve New York City’s taxi system to better serve the general public. Sylvia Harris joined an interdisciplinary team of urban planners, economists, and transportation experts that conducted an extensive analysis of the current taxi system. She served as creative director of the comprehensive report, providing recommendations for improved usability, economic value, efficiency, and sustainability. Now the TLC offers more “TLC.”


The study resulted in a bright report of service re-design recommendations for administrators.

The Taxi & Limousine Commission subsequently recently announced redesigns for the iconic NYC taxi.